We are going through a revolution in the marketing world where customers dictate what they want to see. So now, more than ever before, businesses need to create content for their audience, instead of just putting ads in front of them. Quality content is definitely the key to get their attention.

Give, give, give, then ask – Gary V, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

As part of the social media boom, small business owners now have a say. They can create content for free and use it to advertise on social media platforms for pennies. The great thing about it is that you can test which content produce the results even before you advertise it to larger audiences.

When you do sponsor or advertise a post, you can see live what’s happening. It’s amazing how fast you can spread the word around and get feedback on it with the power of social media. Before you go ahead and create content, you must identify the target audience and create accurate content for them. Make sure your content’s entertaining and packed with value. Remember content is king, but context is God. Thank you so much for watching this video and have a great day.