In this book Gary Vaynerchuk describes in a brilliant way, how the marketing world has changed and how you can take advantage of it using social media.

He uses boxing as an analogy, saying that you need to throw a lot of jabs before you go for the right hook. Jabs are all the interactions you provide through social media while the Right Hook is the actual call to action, when you get the audience to buy your product or service.

In other words, provide as much value as you can, give give give then ask.

Gary emphasises the importance of Storytelling, walks you through the characteristics of great content and how to be native to each of the social media platforms.

There are lots of examples of real world content and Gary shares his thoughts around it, describing what is good and what can be improved in each post.

It’s a great book for managers, marketers and small business owners. He also has a YouTube channel ( with lots of great information about marketing, social media and content.