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At Sales Studios we understand that you value your investment and we would like to give you peace of mind, knowing your project is in good hands. We are Extremely focused on results, ensuring the quality of the process, end to end. We offer a strong customer service and exceptional attention to detail. The entire process is very linear, which means we won’t move from one stage to another until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

We usually delivery our animations within 3-5 weeks. It all depends on revisions and how fast you will get back to us. If you need your video delivered faster, please let us know and we can discuss it further. See our staged process below:

Our expert copy writers will compile a potent script. Then,  you get to choose a voice for your animation. We will provide you a few samples to choose from.

The creative team will draw a draft of the animation for you to approve. In this stage, it’s important to make sure you like the colors, characters and backgrounds.

This is the most exciting stage, when all your creation comes to live in a form of a high quality explainer video with sound effects and background music.

We will send you the animation files for the project and a quick survey so we can continue to improve our services and processes.

The Right Video Animation For The Right Purpose.

Clear Process.

Clear process with well defined stages. We won’t proceed to the next stage unless you are 100% satisfied. Stages: Script, Voiceover, Storyboard and Animation

Quick Response.

We will offer quick response via email or phone. We understand that you want to be kept in the loop as we progress with your creation.

Clients are Everything.

We appreciate feedback. We believe it’s either a win or a lesson. One of our goals is to constantly improve so we can continue to look after you.

Why video animations?

The SEO Advantage:

With the recent changes announced by google, videos in your website will be enhancing your SEO, getting you traffic from multiple sources.

Simple and Efficient:

A powerful script and animation with the right voice over is almost guaranteed to increase sales. Storytelling is a medium we have been exposed to since we were young.

Videos are more effective than words:

A simple animation can express more words than a person would be able to read in a short period of time, boosting sales in seconds!

Turn your visitors into sales leads:

Video Animations are extremely important nowadays, but overlooked by your competitors. People are usually busy, hence they haven’t got much time to read through your entire website. Video Animations are a powerful aid for this matter.

I was amazed to see how professional Sales Studios is. They understood my message and delivered the animation on time.

Sarah, RA Optometrist

Sales Studios managed to work around our requirements and deliver an amazing video animation.

Natalie, Stay Balanced Accounting

Expectations were met and exceeded!

Frank, Crystal Blue Group

Thank you for all your help in producing 3 great videos for our company.  I won’t hesitate to refer Sales Studios!

Steve, Total Selling Solutions


How much does the video animation cost?2017-03-29T00:51:42+00:00

The prices may vary depending on your requirements. A lot of items can affect the final price, including length of the animation, voiceover, animation style and delivery times. We will try to work within your budget, contact us for a free consultation. 

Do you offer a package for multiple videos ?2017-03-29T00:57:56+00:00

Yes, we do. Please contact us, so we can help you.

Why should I choose Sales Studios?2017-03-29T00:55:02+00:00

Glad you asked! We have professional experience dealing with clients that are trying to achieve the same goals as you. We are 100% committed to deliver a personalised service that is creative and unique to your needs.

Can I get the voiceover in any languages?2017-03-29T00:54:42+00:00

We work in stages. We only move from one stage to the other once you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. See stages below:

  1. Free Consultation – Gather business requirements and goals
  2. A Script is created for the animation
  3. Professional Voiceover (multiple languages)
  4. Storyboard – Draft of the animation
  5. Animation – When the draft comes to life
  6. Delivery – Animation is delivered and final touches are done
What’s the delivery time ?2017-03-29T00:54:13+00:00

Delivery times may vary depending on length of the video, complexity of the script and number of revisions. Usually we deliver a complete animation within 2-4 weeks. 

What if i don’t like the end product ?2017-10-10T07:38:59+00:00

Because we provide unlimited revisions we don’t believe this will happen. We also get each stage approved by you before proceeding, to ensure you are 100% satisfied. 

What’s the payment options ?2017-04-12T23:30:54+00:00

You can pay via Bank Transfer, Paypal or Credit Card:

  1. Full payment with a 5% discount
  2. 80% upfront and 20% upon delivery


Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?2017-03-29T00:58:14+00:00

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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