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  • A proven structured system to drive your audience to view your offers.

  • ​One single place that your customers come to and buy.

  • ​​A system that strengthen the branding and positioning.

  • ​Ability to manage our leads more effectively.

  • ​​Drive your audience through your sales cycle.

  • ​Have a consistent way to drive your customers through your funnel.

  • ​​Ability segment leads and send the right message to the market fit.

  • ​Run campaigns consistently at your market. 

  • ​Results measurement. 

  • ​Make consistent improvements to exceed your customers' expectations.

  • ​Create an ascending model and manage your leads effectively.

  • ​Have an automate system to maximize efficiency and conversions.

  • ​Be able to increase client retention.

  • ​Monitor, update, and improve the customer journey.

  • ​ Constantly update and improve your offers.

  • You have a database that hasn’t been managed properly and your customers aren’t engaging with your business.

  • ​Your conversion rate is poor and you have an unstable cashflow.

  • ​The entire market has shifted to online and you don't know how to optimize your revenue.

  • ​You wish you could segment your database and have different offers and up-sells according to your audience’s needs. 

  • ​Your systems for selling are all over the place and you constantly need to come up with new offers and products.

  • ​You keep jumping from one hack to the next, always looking for the new “hack”.

  • ​The new world is online and you don't have a proper strategic plan to keep your business growing constantly. 

  • ​You business revenue is at the mercy of new courses launch.

  • ​You don't have a creative way to engage with your audience and make them buy after the first offer.

  • ​You have inconsistencies in selling your courses.


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Words from our Sales Studios Founder 

Hey there, I'm Luis Xavier

My background is in Information Technology. I looked after big corporations and was the Team Leader and System Engineer in charge of project implementation and continuous support and improvement.
By leveraging automation I managed to increase the efficiency of the services delivered. 
Marketing and sales always got my attention and I seemed to study the subject quite a lot.
I had a deep desire to help others and assist them with what I am passionate about, automation and digital marketing. I knew that was my legacy. This sparked my interest to move careers and leave behind 15 years of experience in IT as an employee.
In 2015 I started my own business, where I was helping small businesses owners to explain their services in an engaging way using video animation.
I learned, tested and developed strategies that assisted my clients with sales automation and lead acquisition. Uniting my passion for technology and marketing, I started to assist course creators and online business owners to amplify their outreach through email marketing and automation.
I’m continually working towards solutions that bring results with extremely high ROI.
I’m looking forward to sharing my secrets with you, so you can accomplish the same results.
Looking forward to seeing what you can achieve!

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